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"...and with my song will I praise Him."
Psalms 28:7 
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*coming in MAY

Pre-Order NOW

OUR BRAND NEW project is coming ver soon.    You may Pre-Order it today and be some of the first ones to own it.


'Sing & Rejoice'.   Be sure to get your copy.  A collection of 10 songs with 4 original songs.   The title cut, 'Sing & Rejoice' was written by Pianoist for the Dove Brothers Quartet.
      With Jerry Sr now being completely blind, there couldn't be a better title for the album for the ministry is honored and proud to stand by his side proclaiming that Jesus Saves through their song.

'Believe The Promise'is the Faithmen's first recording as a Trio.  This project is available in CD and cassette.   It's song selection is best described as traditional Southern Gospel Music.  It has songs that are upbeat and will make you want to clap your hands as well as ballads that will definately bless you heart.  This is a project that we know you'll enjoy.  Order your copy today.

CD  $20.00

Everlasting Song' is the Faithmen's first recording with Morning Star Records.  This project is available in CD and cassette.   It's song selection is best described as the traditional quartet style.  It has songs that are upbeat and a few ballads that will definately bless you.  This is a project that we know you'll enjoy.  Order your copy today.
CD  $20.00

'Celebrate The Journey', introduced the Faithmen to the nation as a Quartet with the Old Classic Traditional style music that so many love.  There are 10 songs on this tape that are sure to encourage you.  Songs about Prayer, the Lord's Return and Heaven.   We know that this project is a must for everyone's tape collection.
CD  $20.00

any 2 CD's ............   $30.00
all four for .............    $55.00  

        'West Virginia Salutes Squire Parsons', A brand new CD saluting the ministry of Squire Parsons.   The Faithmen sing one song along with 8 other groups honoring our West Virginia Native, Squire Parsons.

This 'CD' is $15.00

Other Products:
Faithmen SHIRT

Faithmen Hat


(Available in CD Only)
a collection of original Christian Lulabys sung by Kim Hopper, Karen Peck, Candy Christmas and others.
A fun puzzle that can be used as a witnessing tool.  A very unique ministry tool. $5.00
A short devotion booklet that describes to us how to get along with people that are sometimes difficult.  Could be a real help to people who need advice in this area.   Written by Tim Skaggs. $5.00
Tim picked seven of his favorite sermons and put them in book form, word for word as they were preached.  $15.00

(A lot of people often say after a concert, 'I'd love to hear you preach Tim') 
So, we've provided one of Tim's favorite messages.
To order, print out ORDER FORM and mail along with check or money order to:
Faithmen Quartet
PO Box 241
Ansted, WV  25812

Tom Skaggs is a cousin of the fellas and enjoys traveling down the road with them.  He is their product manager and runs the product table on the road for them as well as fills the orders as they come into the office.  Tom also runs the sound for them and is their back-up bus driver.


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