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"...and with my song will I praise Him."
Psalms 28:7
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Traditional southern Gospel music is the offering from this Ansted, West Virginia based group.  For nearly twenty eight years they have been sharing the Gospel through southern Gospel music.  This father, son and daughter-in-law complete the package of the successful music ministry of the Faithmen. 

While the Faithmen enjoy singing for various church functions and  concert dates, they will minister wherever God opens the door.  "We see a very mixed audience, and our music appeals to young and old alike," said Tim Skaggs.  "We try to get our message across through song and testimony in an exciting and enthusiastic manner."

Sometimes they just stand amazed at how the Lord has used them and what He can do with a nobody.  There's a song that says it best, "I'm a nobody telling everybody about Somebody who can save anybody."  And the Faithmen are proud to be a servant of the Lord in this field of ministry doing just that. 

Celebrate The Journey' was the group's first recording.  They have released two national singles to Gospel radio, 'The Chosen One' and  'I'm Ready To Go,' which introduced them to fans and Djs across the country.  Jeff Pearles, President of Paradise Music Group (PMG), and bass singer for the King's Herolds, produced the recording.    Now the Faithmen have come full circle and have signed a recording contract with PMG records.

On May 1, 2000 the Faithmen signed an exclusive recording contract with the Eddie Crook Company, Morning Star Records.  They recorded their first project with the company in the summer of 2001.  Jerry says, "We try to select songs with a strong message and use some of the songs the Lord gives each of us, to offer some variety".  "One thing we've learned over the past few years, is to never underestimate God."  Jerry is referring to the way God has provided for the ministry. "When we needed a vehicle to travel in, God brought that about, when we needed sound equipment, it was there, and when we needed to record we were able to," he related.  Jerri Lynne added, "we have learned just to trust Him for what we need."  The Faithmen feel that through faith every obstacle can be conquered.   With anticipation they are looking forward to their next recording with the company which should be sometime this spring.  

Their goal is simple: to see people come to know the Lord and to see lives changed by presenting the Word in a ministry of Southern Gospel Music.